About to turn eighteen, Matthew struggles with his homosexuality after a lifetime of evangelical Christian upbringing.  Having found a comfortable place in the insulated world of evangelical Christian subculture and brought up to believe that homosexuality is wrong, he turns to himself to face his struggle alone. However, Matthew soon discovers that he is not alone after an innocent video game encounter with his best friend Brandon turns into something more. The two friends are caught in their moment of passion, thus setting off a tumultuous journey of self-discovery that forever takes them away from the lives they once knew and forces them to grow up fast in a world that they’re not quite ready for.  All the while, the two try to maintain their blossoming romance in the face of extreme circumstances.  In addition, the two must redefine for themselves what exactly it means to be Christian and must reconcile their religion with their homosexual love for one another.  This coming of age romance blends humor with drama, animation with live-action, and musical numbers with traditional dialogue, resulting in a movie that’s as much “in-your-face” as the topic it tackles.  It’s a new and fresh approach to telling a story that so many in the gay community can personally relate to.

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